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Launch: An Entrepreneurial Challenge

Launch is a leadership program designed for middle school girls that includes a friendly competition. It challenges students to create, brand, and pitch a business idea.  Students can work individually or with a friend on their business idea. 

This program is taught by a woman entrepreneur and business owner. During each session, students learn about what it means to be an entrepreneur and what it takes to create a business.

Learn What it Takes to Be an Entrepreneur

Students will explore the leadership and business skills needed to transform an idea for a product/service into a business. 

Girls in Nature

Be Persuasive

Students learn what makes a good business idea and how to effectively "pitch" the idea to others. 


Tap into Your Creativity

Once they come up with their idea, students create a business brand and design a T-shirt. 

Creative Thoughts

Learn from Business Professionals

Remember, this is a competition. Students submit a short business plan and pitch their idea to business professionals. The winning pitch gets $50 but all students get feedback on their submission.

Teacher & Student

The program is designed to support the following Minnesota Department of Education social and emotional learning benchmarks for grades 5-8:
•    Evaluate the role attitudes play in being successful.
•    Recognize the factors that impact how they are perceived by others.
•    Monitor how facial expressions, body language and tone impact interactions

An Overview of the Lessons

Lesson One: Who is an Entrepreneur?
Lesson Two: What Makes a Good Product?
Lesson Three: You Have to Have a Plan
Lesson Four: The Anatomy of a Company
Lesson Five: Defining Your Brand
Lesson Six: Selling Your Idea
Lesson Seven: The Bottom Line
Lesson Eight: Delighting the Customer
Lesson Nine: Time to Pitch

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